Saturday, 12 April 2008

Invitation letter

My parents and sisters got their tourist visas this week so they can come visit us anytime they want :) The visas are valid for just one year but hey, something is something! and now they can come this year to visit us :D

So you can have some idea of what you need to do, my sisters are legally adult and students dependant of my parents, so they can't use the same form or the same payment but they can have the same file in the embassy.

At the end they had to fill a form for my parents and one for each sister. The payment was a check for my parents and a check for each sister again. They went last week with the max payment for a family and a form for the 4 of them, and that was wrong, but the girl that was at the embassy was pretty good and help them fill the forms for my sisters and let my dad go to the bank to get the 2 other checks and get back to the embassy.

You need to take to the embassy everything that can prove that you want to go back to your country, including the last 3 bank statements, but be carefull to take the latest statements, since my parents were going the last week of march and the latest stament was from february but at the end they went the first week of april so they had to run to the bank to get march's statement.

I also sent a copy of my latest work payment, a copy of my resident card and this letter of invitation:

Aiglee Castillo

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Visa Officer,

I am writing this to support Visitor Visa applications of my Parents and sisters.
My father, --name-- is 57 years old and stays at --address--. My mother, --name--, age 56 and sisters --name--, 25, and --name--, 18, live with him. They’d like to visit Canada and stay with my husband and me for some time. They are in good health and capable of doing things on their own. Please note that they do not have any intention to settle in Canada permanently.

Following is further information about me.

• I am a Canadian resident staying at --address--(copy of my bank statement attached).
• I am staying with my husband.
• I am working with --name--. My husband works for --name--. We both have permanent full time jobs.
• We have sufficient funds to support their expenses if necessary.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at my residence at --telephone-- or at my mobile phone --telephone--. I can also be reached by e-mail at --mail--

Yours truly,

I hope this can help you a little bit ;)


Zhu said...

Your letter was very good, must have helped a lot. Good job! You gave all the right infos.

I hope they have a nice stay now ;-)

Aiglee said...

Thank you zhu :D That's the same letter we are going to use for my parents in law (names changed of course), and we can see how long they get their visa for! :)

Toronto said...

That is really helpful. Thanks alot! If you need a Letter of Invitation for Temporary Residents to Canada Notarized, and if you would like some more information regarding this in Toronto, Canada, see Toronto Notary Public Discusses Letters of Invitation for Temporary Resident Visa’s to Canada

Aiglee said...

Thanks Toronto, I didn't need to notarized that letter but it's good to have the information in case someone else does.

remmy said...

Hello Plz i need who will help me with an invitation letter to Canada plz i hope i will see someoene on here who will help me out plz hope to hear from you soon you can email me or you call my phone REMIADEX02@YAHOO.COM....2347083278265..plz your swift response is very important...Your brother needed your help.

Aiglee said...

Remmy, this is not a forum and I'm not a consultant, so I can't help you the way you want. You should use that example and change what you need to change for you, but that's as far as I can go for you. Sorry

Anonymous said...

We need invitation letters to come visit canada , can someone help? we live in america.. write me or

Anonymous said...

We need invitation letters to come visit canada , can someone help? we live in america.. write me or

Aiglee said...

Hi anonymous, I can't help you out, just follow the letter I posted and change the names and data you need to change

Rizan said...

What you are doing is really a great thing to other migrants I would say. please keep do this good work.
May god bless you all the hapiness and healthy life to you and your family.

Aiglee said...

Thanks Rizan!!

idiado esosa onyce said...

with this,you have touch many lives thanks.i will do as you say to come visit phone number +2348074443061,

Aiglee said...

Thank you!

Crayco said...

Thanks a lot!! That is perfect!

Invitation Letters said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Heyyy there! I am also a fellow Venezuelan who's about to send an invitation letter to her dad and sister to come visit! I don't know how I got to your post, and I noticed it was posted a long time ago, things have changed and have heard many venezuelans get denied!! I really hope my Dad and sister do well and btw, the Canadian Consulate in ccs closed and applications are now submitted to Mexico. What do u know about this??